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What is the part number for the control board kit for the ATV58?

The control board kit for ATV58 and FLEX58 drives up to 75 HP constant torque or 100 HP (ATV58HD79N4) variable torque for type E, F, H & N drives, is VX4A581U.

For higher than 100 HP variable torque atv58 type H drives (ATV58HC10N4 and higher) the part number is VX4A381.

There are also some special drives that have S313 or other numbers at the end of the part number. These drives use control board part numbers that should not be substituted with the standard board.
In this case contact the original point of purchase, the OEM for the machine or SquareD Drive Products Support at 888-SQUARED or E-mail

CTA-ID : 2009192
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