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What is the correct Dynamic Brake kit for the ATV58HU29M2, ATV58HU41M2, ATV58HU90N4, ATV58HD12N4, FLEX58U29M2, FLEX58U41M2, FLEX58KU90N4 and FLEX58KD12N4?

The SquareD part number is VW3A66712. This is the only DB kit available through SquareD - Schneider Electric in the USA.
It is rated at 56 Ohms, 1.45 Amps Continuous.
Other DB resistors could be used with these drives. It is important that the Ohms value not be less than the published rating for the drive.
Using DB resistor with greater continuous amp rating may allow for greater duty cycle for dynamic braking such as hoisting applications.
Minimum Ohms:
U29M2, U41M2 = 38
U90N4 = 47
D12N4 = 53

CTA-ID : 2010253
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