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What would cause the ATS46 to go out on overcurrent?

The Fault code is OcF:
Possible Causes are:
 * High impedance short circuit at the output of the controller
 * Internal short circuit
 * Improper sequence of shorting contactor

Possible Corrective action:
Remove power from unit and check for:
-Damage to power cables and/or motor insulation
-Damage to thyristors
-Damage to shorting contactor/contactor stuck in closed position

If none of the obvious is seen then
-- identify exactly when the fault is occurring in relation to startup
-- identify what In, ILt and acceleration are set for
-- identify what is the full load amperage of motor
-- and determine the currents being pulled in the LCR parameter of starter.

After obtaining this information contact Schneider Electric Product Support for further assistance.
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