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What circuit breaker enclosure will accept a FAL circuit breaker?

Current product availability

Product Line:
Circuit Breaker Enlcosures



The FAL frame circuit breaker can be mounted in the following enclosures:
1) FA100F (NEMA 1, flush mount applications)
2) FA100S (NEMA 1, surface mount applications.
3) FA100RB (NEMA 3R applications).
4) FA100DS (NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 5 or 12 applications).
5) FA100A (NEMA 12K application)
6) FA100AWK (NEMA 1, 3R, 5 or 12 applications)
7) FA060X (60 ampere max, NEMA 7 application)
8) FA100X (NEMA 7 application)
9) FA060Y (60 ampere max, NEMA 9 application) or FA100Y (NEMA 9 application).

NOTE: The FAL circuit breaker can also be mounted in the KA225F (NEMA 1, flush mount applications), KA225S (NEMA 1, surface mount applications) or KA225RB (NEMA 3R applications). BUT ALL THE KA enclosures are OBSOLETE and NO LONGER AVAILBLE WITH NO DIRECT REPLACEMENT

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