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How do the PI presets work in the Altivar 58 drive?

After PI control is set up by assigning AI2 or AI3 to PIF it is possible to use logic inputs for PI presets.
Logic inputs can be used with the PI regulator to command the drive controller to run from the analog reference, run at process maximum, or operate with two other definable pre-set setpoints. The configurable setpoints can be used to provide two different setpoints for two different processes, or they can be used instead of using AI1 for setpoint input. For example, providing a setpoint via the logic inputs can eliminate the need for a potentiometer.
These presets are not for direct speed or frequency but are for PI setpoint presets.

Actual functionality of the PI control depends on the revision level of the drive in use.
See the keypad programming manual for details.

CTA-ID : 2008701
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