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What is the replacement part number for a line isolation monitor part number 43134-007-50?

Replacement LIM

Product Line:
Medical Products

IGD, IG6, NFPA99, NEC517.160

Replacement part

That item has been replaced by line isolation monitor IG6M; however, care must be taken to ensure that other system components are either adapted with new hardware to be made compatible with new line isolation monitor, or replaced:
  • If an old remote annunciator RA1PM or RA1WM  is present, order IG6DDKIT, a "kit" which includes the new IG6M, mounting bracket, connector plate, and a "black box" with electronics to allow the old digital remote indicator to communicate with the new LIM .
  • If an old analog remote annunciator ORICA or IA1C is present, order IG6ADKIT, a "kit" which includes the new IG6M, mounting bracket, connector plate, and a small transformer to adapt the old remote indicator to the new operating voltage of the new LIM .
  • Either old digital or analog remote annunciators may be replaced by newer digital devices fully compatible with the new IG6M line isolation monitor.  Please see document MED10112111 for details on these new remote annunciators.
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