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How does a user determine what version firmware they have on the ATV66 control board?

To determine the version of the control basket you can -
A. - if keypad is functioning you can press the ESC ( escape button) to get to the drive identification screen {(if have main menu or display mode present on keypad would esc out to get to screen but if get all the way to language screen would have to press ENT ( enter until get to Drive Identification Screen)}
B. - on the main control board in the section that is raised where keypad would plug directly into control board, if keypad is removed you will see a white sticker mounted on board above RS422 connector. This sticker has numbers above and beneath the bar code and below this bar code to the right the version of the control basket is listed right after the letter V
C. - the third and most effective way if keypad is not working is directly on the control board beside where the keypad would mount is a 1.2 by 1.5 inch pop out square. Behind this square is the memory chip and it has the version of the control basket printed on it

CTA-ID : 2005861
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