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Does Square D offer optional lugs for General Duty safety switches?

Current design features

Product Line:
General Duty Safety Switches

Alternate lugs


No optional lugs are available for the 30A through 200A General Duty safety switches.

Optional lugs are available for the 400A (NEMA Type 1, Series E3 ONLY) and the 600A ( NEMA Type 1, Series E3 and NEMA Type 3R, Series E1 ONLY).
ug Kit GD4060LK consists of eight 2-barrel lugs to convert a 3 phase/4 wire safety switch. Each lug will accept (2) #1/0 AWG - 600 kcmil or (4) #1/0 AWG - 250 kcmil aluminum or copper conductors. However, wire bending space available in the switch will restrict the lugs capability to (1) 600 kcmil, (2) 500 kcmil or (4) 250 kcmil conductors maximum.
Summary of 400A and 600A switches:
D225N, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D225NR, Series E1 does not accept GD4060LK
D325N, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D325NT, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D325NR, Series E1 does not accept GD4060LK
D325NTR, Series E1 does not accept GD4060LK
DU325, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D226N, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D226NR, Series E1 accepts GD4060LK
D326N, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D326NT, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK
D326NR, Series E1 accepts GD4060LK
D326NTR, Series E1 accepts GD4060LK
DU326, Series E3 accepts GD4060LK

No optional lugs are available for the T327N nor T327NR. 
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