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What would cause an XCKT Limit Switch to allows fluid into the switch?

Mounting the limit switch under water (or other fluid) and attempting to operate it there will cause leaks.  

Exposure to wide temperature swings will result in condensation collecting within the device.  

Mounting the device with the conduit opening pointing up will allow liquids to collect and seep into the body.

With select XCKT plastic wide-body compact limit switches with catalog numbers XCKT 102 / 106 / 110 / 111 / 118 / 121 / 145 and with date codes between 0236 (September 2002) and 0302 (February 2003) a potential exists for the cover to not seal properly due to the cover screws not being securely tightened.

The attached document provides more detail on the issue.

Only devices meeting all of the outlined conditiosn should be returned on a CCP for evaluation and possible credit.

CTA-ID : 2008539
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