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Does the RWT wall duct come with couplers?

Are couplers included with RWT wall duct components ?

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Yes, couplers are included with the straight lengths as well as fittings, such as elbows, tees and crosses.  

Couplers are required to connect a straight length of duct to another straight length, or to an elbow, tee or cross.  A coupler is not required for an end cap, cabinet connector or reducer.  A straight length or an elbow will be furnished with a coupler at one end.  A tee is furnished with two couplers.  A cross is furnished with two couplers.  So long as no straight pieces of duct are going to be cut into smaller pieces, it is generally the case that sufficient couplers arrive with the ordered pieces to allow for assembly.   It is only when a straight piece of duct is to be field cut into a number of smaller pieces that additional couplers must be ordered.  As a rule of thumb, order an extra coupler for each field cut to be made.
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