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Can a shunt trip accessory be provided on the Main Breaker of a QO, 3 Phase load center?

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QO Three phase load centers

Shunt trip accessory


No, the current Q-Frame (or obsolete KDL) Main Breaker, used in the 125 - 225 ampere 3phase load centers, does not have a shunt trip accessory available. The 100 ampere Main Breaker devices use a back-fed QO3100VH for the Main Breaker. It`s location in the panel (top, left branch position, positions 1 and 3) restricts a shunt trip accessory from being applied.

NOTE: The old obsolete design of the 300 and 400 ampere 3phase Main Breaker devices that used the LA frame of circuit breaker, can have a shunt trip accessory added in the field. Use the shunt trip part number LA11021 for 120 - 240Vac shunt trip accessory for field installation.

CTA-ID : 2003883
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