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When attempting to run PowerSuite (VW3A8104) with an ATV58 drive, what is the meaning of the message ``The powerSuite software is a previous version of drive software. New parameters in the drive software cannot be recognized or modified by the PowerSuite software``?

If this message appears, press the ````OK```` button and proceed.
This indicates that the drive has newer firmware which includes features and adjustments that may not be available with the current version of PowerSuite.
PowerSuite will allow all visible adjustments to be made to the drive. Only new adjustments that are part of the drive firmware upgrade are affected. If newer features are needed, they can be adjusted by the keypad.
This message occurs when power suite version 1.5 or version 2.0 is used on Version 5.3 IE43 ATV58 TRX drives.
See the ATV58 keypad programming guide for a list of updated features in the drive firmware.
This problem does not exist with Altivar 58 drives and powersuite V2.3 or greater.

CTA-ID : 2016848
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