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Can an NQOD panel with an ``F``, ``Q``, ``K`` or ``L`` frame vertcially mounted (lug-lug) main be converted from top to bottom feed and vice versa?



1. Rotate the entire interior assembly (including the main breaker kit) 180 degrees.

2. Loosen wire binding screws on load side of main breaker, remove screws (12-24 X 3-1/8) holding main breaker to mounting pan and slide breaker away from cable connections to interior.

3. Rotate the main breaker 180 degrees so the on and off symbols are in the correct location. (ON position must be up.)

4. Slide main breaker back onto load side cable connections, re-attach to mounting pan with 12-24 X 3-1/8 screws (torque = 30 - 40 IN lbs).

5. Re-torque wire binding screws per label on breaker face.

Note: Deadfront labels will be upside down.

CTA-ID : 2007364
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