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Can the HOM2150BB, HOM2175BB, HOM2200BB or HOML2225 be used in CSED Meter-Mains and All-In-One devices?


Product Line:

Branch breakers and sub feed lug kits

Application and selection

The wiring diagrams in the 200amp CSED devices will be marked for a branch breaker of 200amps Max. So these high amp branch breakers, catalog numbers HOM2150BB, HOM2175BB and HOM2200BB can be used in the CSED devices that are rated 150amp or higher and will require for 4-pole spaces for mounting. Also, the Sub feed lug kit, catalog number HOML2225, could ge used, BUT the wiring diagrams will ONLY show a 200amp Maximum branch breaker, so a local code inspector may not allow the use of the sub-feed lug kit because it is rated at 225amp Maximum.

The above branch breakers and sub-feed lug kit requires 4-pole spaces and might be restricted to one side of the interior. The Sub Feed lug kit will NOT provide any overcurrent protection to the load wires or down stream load. SEE CURRENT DIGEST, 2D CAD DRAWING AND EACH CSED WIRING DIAGRAM FOR MORE DETAILS BEFORE OBTAINING AND USING.

NOTE: The branch circuit breaker or sub feed lug kit ampacity cannot exceed the CSED mains ampacity rating.

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