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The QO260GFI carton label indicates the product application is 120/240v, whereas the instruction bulletin specifies 240v. Which is correct?

The 120/240v rating on the box made me think I could hook up 2 hots and a neutral to this breaker.  

Product line:  
Residential circuit breakers

QO260GFI ground-fault breaker

They are both correct:  
  • The carton labels give SYSTEM voltage; in the case of the QO260GFI, it is correctly identified as 120/240V.
  • The instruction bulletin 48840-435-02 is also correct in saying the 2-pole GFI is ``suitable for supplying 240 Vac or 208 Vac two-wire LOADS.``  It does not have a load neutral terminal and cannot supply 120V loads.  Maximum voltage to ground is 120Vac.
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