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What parts of a Mini Power Zone are replaceable? Where can we find the part numbers? Where do we go for price and availability of those parts?

The Mini Power Zone can have virtually all of it`s components replaced.  The transformer, the panel weldment (the big panelboard box,) the dead front, the hinged cover, the back plate, the panel interior, the neutral assembly (when not integral to the panel interior,) and the ground bar are all replaceable.  The transformer must be quoted to the Field Office by the Techical Assistance Group.  The remainder of the parts can be identified by TAG as well.  Also, the primary main breaker and secondary main breaker are also replaceable, and are listed on page 12-9 of the Digest 173 and can be found in section 6 of the Digest.  Contact your Field Office for price and availability of all replacement parts.

CTA-ID : 2000574
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