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Where can information regarding the heat contribution or heat loss of a control transformer be obtained? Is there a way to calculate the full load heat contribution in BTU/hr if I have the control transformer`s full load losses in watts?<br /><br />Example: 9070T2000D1

Heat Dissipation

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9070T  , E


Heat contribution information can be obtained from LVGP Product Marketing/Support. Its also on p.25 of 9070CT9901 for the 9070T products  .  If the full load losses of the transformer are known, then the heat contribution at full load can be obtained by multiplying the loss in watts by 3.414 to yield BTU/hr. If the information is critical, it should be requested each time from Product Marketing as transformer designs are subject to change without notice.

Example: From Product Marketing/Support, the full load losses of the 9070T2000D1 is 132 watts. Multiplying by 3.414 yields a heat contributiion at full load to be 451 BTU/hr.


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