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Can the Altistart ATS46 be use on a generator?

The following are some points to consider:
Non-Linear Loading - In the starting and stopping modes, a soft start is
a non-linear load. If the generator is not designed for use with such loads, the non-linear loading can cause problems with the regulator circuitry of the generator.
Winding Impedance -
Generators have a relatively large winding impedance. The acceleration and deceleration ramping of a soft start, therefore, can cause large voltage disturbances. Even if the generator is approved for use with non-linear loading, a soft starter can adversely affect
the operation of other equipment operated from the same generator.
Fluctuations in Generator Output -
The successful operation of a soft start depends on the starter's ability to synchronize with the line voltage. Proper firing of the SCRs is based on a constant and stable line frequency. If the generator does not have enough capacity to supply the instantaneous current demand upon start-up, the generator speed may be reduced. A lower generator speed results in reduced voltage and frequency. This frequency variance can prevent proper firing of the SCRs, causing a fault condition. The frequency tolerance of the ALTISTART 46 Soft Start application is 1 5% while starting, and +5/-15% after the motor is at full speed. This is intended to prevent tripping a running motor when another load is being started from the same generator.
See the attachment below for details.

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