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Are the Square D QO load centers UL Listed and CSA Certified?

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Homeline load centers

CSA Listed for use in Canada


The U.S. standard QO load center catalog numbers are UL listed ONLY and not CSA certified. BUT Canada has their own QO catalog numbers with a prefix of 'CQO' that are CSA certified and ONLY the 'CQO....' catalog numbers can be used in Canada. SEE THE CURRENT CANADIAN DIGEST FOR ALL THE CQO.. LOAD CENTER CATALOG NUMBERS.

NOTE: There are a few minor exeptions, 
the following load centers are UL Listed and CSA Certified -  QO2L30TTS, QO24L50TTS, QO35FM30TTF, QO35FM30TTS, QO24L70TS, QO612L100TF, QO612L100TS, QO612L100DTF, QO612L100DTS, QO816L100TF, QO816L100TS, QO816L100DTF, QO816L100DTS, CQO124M100CD.

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