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Is there part of a standard SquareD/Schneider Electric Low Voltage dry type Distribution Transformer catalog number that denotes whether a unit has copper windings?

Some specifications may dictate the winding material on Transformers

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Ventilated and Non Ventilated Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Transformers may utilize one of two possible coil winding materials, aluminum or copper


If the catalog number of a SquareD/Schneider Electric Transformer, built in style D, E or F enclosures (Ventilated and Non-Ventilated) does not have ``CU`` as part of the suffix behind the letter that denotes the temperature rise of the Transformer (an ``H``  "HF" or``HB``,) the windings are standard aluminum. 

 This is done at SquareD/Schneider Electric`s discretion to make the most competitive, high quality product available in the market. If part of the suffix does have ``CU`` in it, then the windings are copper.  The only exception to this is in SquareD/Schneider Electric Sealed Resin Epoxy Encapsulated Transformer offering (enclosure styles A, B, or C,) which are only offered with copper windings.


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