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Where are taps located on a low voltage dry type distribution transformer and what are they used for?

Taps provided on Transformers may be adjusted to provide for different Primary input voltages

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to all Transformers with taps supplied by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Supply voltages for Transformer Primaries can vary up or down from optimum or rated voltage

Taps are provided on the designed Primary of the Transformer, usually located on the face of the coils of a Ventilated unit. The purpose of a tap is to provide the customer with connection points on the Primary coil so as to compensate for poor incoming/source voltage. Poor voltage is anything other than nominal and could be high or low. By utilizing a tap, it is possible for the customer to get an output from the Transformer that is close to it`s designed value. To intentionally over or under excite a Transformer by putting a significantly higher or lower voltage on a tap than it is rated can have a potentially catastrophic affect on the Transformer and is not supported by Square D/Schneider Electric.


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