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Does Square D manufacture sealed transformers?

Does Square D manufacture sealed transformers?

Product Line:
Dry Type Low Voltage Transformers.

Products sold in the United States.

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Hermetically sealed dry type transformers are not available.  Oil filled transformers are available in medium voltage class for many applications.  Square D non-ventilated and encapsulated transformers have no intentional ventilation openings, but the enclosure is not gasketed or sealed.

Non-ventilated versions of ventilated transformers (not referring to encapsulated transformers which are also non-ventilated) which are normally ventilated transformer designs which have the ventilation openings of the enclosures closed and are designed to not exceed the insulation system temperature rating at full load (making them significantly larger than their ventilated cousins,) are sheet steel to sheet steel style enclosures with a drip hole in the bottom of the unit, are not UL labeled, and are NEMA 3R rated.

Encapsulated transformers, which do not have the wiring compartment gasketed or sealed, have the core and coil encased in an epoxy resin and sand encapsulation material, effectively sealing out moisture and other contaminants from the core and coil.  They are NEMA 3R rated and UL listed through 25kVA 1ph and 30kVA 3ph.  Larger UL listed versions may be available.  Contact LVGP Product Marketing for support.

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