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How does one estimate the weight of a transformer that is not shown in the Digest, nor on the on-line approval drawings? Example: 75T76HFCU

This is best accomplished by requesting the weight of the transformer by catalog number from Customer Service via the Drawing Request e-mail.  Customer Service responds to these requests within 48 hours.  If the unit has unusual requirements, such as a special impedance, then it may take Customer Service, with assistance from Engineering, up to 7 to 10 working days to provide an answer.

If that is not expedient enough and the customer will accept a less accurate best guess only, then one can look at the parameters of the transformer and attempt to match it to a Digest listed transformer.  Remember, this is a best guess only and is not to be supported by Square D for freight charge estimation, or any construction or lifting calculation purposes.  The important parameters are kVA, transformer type (GP, EE, K-rated,) temperature rise, conductor material, and construction.

Example:  The customer did not want to wait for Customer Service to reply with an accurate weight, and is only looking for an estimation of the weight of a 75T76HFCU.  The unit is a Watchdog low temperature rise transformer, 75kVA, 115:C rise, copper.  From the Digest pages 12-5 and 12-3, note that the 75kVA 115:C rise watchdog is in the same enclosure as the 112T3H.  As a bonus, the 112T3HCU, copper wound unit, is also on page 12-3.  From that information, one could guess that the 75T76HFCU would weigh approximately 780#.

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