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What is the largest low voltage dry type distribution transformer offered by Square D? Can two 750 kva transformers be wired in parallel to combine the KVA rating to 1500 kva?

Though only listed in the Digest through 1000kVA 3ph and 250kVA 1ph, Square D can provide 3ph low voltage dry type transformers up to 2500kVA with 380 volt or higher windings, and up to 1500kVA with windings from 190 through 240 volts, and 1ph low voltage dry type transformers through 500kVA.

Two transformers can be wired in parallel to increase kva rating as suggested, but Square D recommends they be manufactured at the same time in order to have as identical characteristics as possible.  Dissimilar characteristics can lead to safety issues. Contact Product Marketing/Support for support.

CTA-ID : 2001189
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