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Need vibration information on a 9007C68T10

The vibration testing we did on our 9007 Type C Limit Switches was designed to assure that our devices complied with IEC 68-2-6 and also met the Ford Standard ESX for Limit Switches. Testing covered a Frequency Range of 10 - 100 Hz with a Vibration Amplitude of 0.15 mm (.006 in.) or 2G. Crossover Frequency was 57-62 Hz. (Amplitude was .006 in from 10 Hz to 49 Hz and acceleration was 2G from 60 Hz to 100 Hz.) Duration was 20 sweep cycles per axis. We specified testing devices in three mutually perpendicular axes in turn. However, sometimes, we only tested devices in the axis where the contacts were most vulnerable for opening or closing. We monitored both normally open and normally closed contacts throughout the test for any opening or closing of contacts. (Any contact opening would constitute a failure.) To my knowledge, no device ever failed this test.

CTA-ID : 2006462
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