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How do the contacts for the R1 relay work in the Altstart ATS46?

There are two sets of contacts.
R1A & R1C are Normally Open.
R1B & R1D are Normally closed.
The relay may be configured for fault indication or for control of isolation contactor. Normal state of relay is the state with all power removed from the controller or if a fault is detected. When configured for fault indication, contacts will energize after successful completion of internal diagnostics and will de-energize if a fault is detected. If
configured for control of an isolation contactor, relays will energize
after a run command is issued and de-energize after deceleration
is complete or if a fault is detected. If using automatic restart, the
status of the fault relay is dependent on the type of fault and
configuration of the R1 relay. Refer to bulletin VD0C32S301B for more information.

CTA-ID : 7341
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