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Why does the ATV58 drive indicate an invalid configuration when using the N2 network option card?

Confirm that the menu 8 configuration is correct.
Make sure that the drive is not in a Forced Local mode.  
Make sure to initiate configuration in menu 8 by setting parameter 1 to 3.  THEN set parameters 2 through 5.  THEN change parameter 1 to a 1.
Make sure none of the logic inputs are energized and that the drive is not running when setting up menu 8 parameters. It is good practice to remove the control I-O terminal strip that has the +24, LI1, LI2, LI4 LI4 and so on from the drive when programming.

There is a compatibility issue with the N2 network card, and V5.1 firmware ATV58 drives.  When entering a configuration by setting parameter 1 to 1, the display will change to 2, indicating an invalid configuration.  It is necessary to change the 2 to a 1 and hit enter a second time.  The drive will then accept the change, and the display will change to 0.

CTA-ID : 2005490
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