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How do you check the Series B 8502SG control coil resistance?

The resistance of this coil cannot be measured with an ohmmeter. A properly functioning coil, when isolated from its control circuit draws between 0.3 ma and 10 ma (depending upon its voltage) when connected to a 9 volt battery

This also applies to all 8536SG, 8538SG, 8539SG, 8606SG, 8630SG, 8640SG, 8702SG, 8736SG, 8738SG, 8739SG, 8810SG, 8903SX, 8910SYD368, and 8940 Size 5 except ``NP`` devices. For enclosed devices, the series information is based on device and not enclosure nameplate.

CTA-ID : 2002963
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