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Video: How to convert the 30-100 Series F Double Throw Safety Switches from switching one load between two power sources to feeding two loads, from one power source?

Product Design features

Product Line:
Double Throw Safety Switches

Design configuration


Not ALL Double Throw Safety Switches have this design capability, see below for the switches that DO and DON'T.
The catalog numbers that DO have this design feature:
The current design 30 Amp through 100 Amp, F Series ONLY Types DT and DTU have this feature. These switches are supplied as standard for switching ONE load between two power sources,(LINE-LOAD-LINE applications), BUT may be Field-Converted to switch ONE power source between two loads(LOAD-LINE-LOAD applications). The instructions for how to field convert are located on each switch.

The catalog numbers that DO NOT have this design feature:
Any catalog number over 100 amps does NOT have this feature. So, the 82000 line, 92000 line and E Series of DTU line are marked for LINE-LOAD-LINE applications ONLY.

The attached video is ONLY to supplement the INSTRUCTIONS that come on each switch.
PLEASE make sure to read the instructions and all the Safety Information that is located in the instructions AND NEVER WORK ON ENERGIZED EQUIPMENT.

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