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Video: Can a Double Throw Safety Switch be used to supply one power source between two loads, instead of one load between two power sources?

Product Design features

Product Line:
Double Throw Safety Switches

Design configuration


ONLY certain catalog numbers have this design feature and other catalog numbers DO NOT.

The catalog numbers that DO have this design feature:
The current design 30 Amp through 100 Amp, F Series ONLY Types DT and DTU have this feature. These switches are supplied as standard for switching ONE load between two power sources,(LINE-LOAD-LINE applications), BUT may be Field-Converted to switch ONE power source between two loads(LOAD-LINE-LOAD applications). The instructions for how to field convert are located on each switch.

The catalog numbers that DO NOT have this design feature:
Any catalog number over 100amps does NOT have this feature. So, the 82000 line, 92000 line and E Series of DTU line are marked for LINE-LOAD-LINE applications ONLY.

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