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Who provides support for Class 6515 or 6560 Type CP CORPAK products?

The CORPAK power amplifiers were a method to product reduced voltage / variable speed controls. These devices were used in other controllers (e.g., 6520 and 6521 Pump Controllers) and in circuits with power ratings of up to 5000hp or voltages from 220 to 4160 v (ac or dc).

CORPAKs were composed of two inductors, two diodes, two variable resistors, and a control module per phase. With in each phase, an inductor and diode were paired and in series. The second pair of devices was in the same configuration, the diode was in the opposite polarity, and the pair was in parallel to the first diode / inductor pair. The variable resistors were in a rheostat configuration and in parallel with the inductors. By varying the amount of resistance, the effective value of the reactor was changed (increased or decreased) causing and inverse result in the voltage applied to the motor terminals.

These devices are obsolete and there is no support for them. Users MAY be able to convert over to a reduced voltage starter or drive based on their application and system requirements. It is suggested the application be reviewed, understood, and quoted based on requirements.

CTA-ID : 2005695
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