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What is the significance of the the little ``H`` on the front of the LRD TeSys overload relays ?

Do the Tesys D line overload relays have an automatic reset mode? 

Product Line:
Tesys D overload relays

Products sold and used in the United States
Overload reset type identification
Yes, the overloads are selectable for hand or automatic reset modes.

The units are shipped from the factory in the manual reset mode. There is a selector just to the right of the trip current adjustment dial and below the test button. It is a a small cover imprinted with an H. Removal of this cover with a small flat-bladed screw driver, or other small tool, allows the conversion of the overload relay to automatic reset mode. Use the small flat bladed screwdriver to move the slider over to the letter A. The recent production devices can be converted back to manual, early production Tesys devices could only be converted once to Automatic.
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