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What is the replacement for a QMB3260 600A QMB switch?

Replacement for an obsolete QMB3260 600A QMB switch.

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QMB Panelboards

A 600 amp QMB fusible switch for use in panel boards or switchboard manufactured before 1984 is no longer available. However, if the actual load could be protected by a 400A circuit breaker, we do have a 400A 3 pole breaker replacement catalog number that may be considered, catalog number QMB3400LA. A plug on extension assembly catalog number QMB310EX will be required. The QMB3260 took up 15" of mounting space and the QMB3400LA takes up 7.5" of mounting space. Blank filler plates for the old design of QMB panels are obsolete, no longer available, with no replacement. Suggest installer to have fabrication done at a local sheet metal shop.
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