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Are EZM Main Lugs Terminal Box devices provided with lugs?

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EZ METER-PAK Multi-Metering Equipment

EZM Main Lugs Tap Boxes


EZM Main Lugs Terminal Box device Catalog Numbers having Suffix: TB are supplied with factory installed lugs,
and are suitable for Combination Overhead, or Underground Feed. 
EZM Main Lugs Terminal Box device Catalog Numbers having Suffix: TBU are supplied with lugs landing pads,
and are suitable for Underground Feed Only.  Lugs are to be purchased separately. 
          Suffix: TBU Main Lug Terminal Boxes (400A - 1200A) meets West Coast:
          Electric Utility Service Requirements Committee (EUSERC) Requirements.
          Suffix: TBU Main Lugs Terminal Boxes are not supplied Lugs.  
          Lugs are to be purchased and installed separately.
Here is a List of available EZM Main Lug Tap Boxes with their Terminal, or Lug Landing Pad Capacities:
       Combination Overhead / Underground Feed, supplied with Factory Installed Lugs:
           1-Phase, 3-Wire                                3-Phase, 4-Wire              Lug Capacity per Phase and N (AWG/kcmil)            
             EZM1225TB (1)                                   EZM3225TB (1)                   (1) #4  to 300            
             EZM1400TB                                       EZM3400TB                         (2) 3/0 to 500
             EZM1600TB                                       EZM3600TB                    (2) 1/0  to 750  or  (4) 1/0  to 300)
             EZM1800TB                                       EZM3800TB                         (4) 3/0 to 500                       
             EZM1800TBCU (2)                             EZM3800TBCU (2)                 (4) 3/0 to 500
             EZM1600TB (3)                                  EZM31600TB (3)              (6) 1/0 to 600  or  (12) 1/0 to 300 
             EZM12000TB                                     EZM32000TB (4)           6 Sets of Studs (Order Lugs Separately)              
       Underground Feed Only, supplied with Lug Landing Pads ( Lugs to be purchased separately):
           1-Phase, 3-Wire                              3-Phase, 4-Wire           Lug Landing Pad Sets of Studs per Phase and N
             EZM1400TBU                                    EZM3400TBU             1 Set of Studs (Order Lugs Separately)
             EZM1800TBU                                    EZM3800TBU             2 Sets of Studs (Order Lugs Separately)
             EZM11200TBU                                  EZM31200TBU            3 Sets of Studs (Order Lugs Separately)
(1)  225A Main Lugs Tap Box not suitable for use on the Line Side of Service Equipment,
      and is supplied with an Isolated Neutral that cannot be bonded. 
(2)  Suffix: TBCU is a Combination Overhead/Underground device supplied with All Copper Bussing.   
(3)  1600A Tap Boxes are limited to 600 kcmil AL/CU Max. based on available Wire Bending Space.
(4)  2000A Tap Box supplied with Lug Landing Pads (Lugs to be ordered separately)

CTA-ID : 2004391
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