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What is the default password for the Omegapak 8804 unit and how can this be changed to a user defined password?

The default ( initial ) password of the unit from the factory is 12345.

In order to change the default password to user define the user should proceed to Menu 2, sub-menu 1 (to modify).  By choosing ``1`` from Menu 2, the user calls up the Password Modify screen illustrated in Figur 5-24 of mentioned bulletin.  This screen enables the user to change the DOI system password.

( Refer to bulletin 50006-377-02A, page 41 & 42, for more details.)

Line 2 of the Password Modify screen prompts the user to enter the current ( old ) password. the password is entered via the numeric keypad and is displayed masked on Line 3 as it is typed.  The user must place the typed password in memory with ENTER.  It the current password is not entered correctly, the screen displays ``Password Invalid`` and allows the user to try again.

When the current password has been correctly entered, Line 2 prompts the user to enter the new password ( the valid range is 0 to 99999 ) and then to re-enter it for verification.  If the second entry does not match the first, the screen displays ``Password Mismatch`` and allows the user to try again.  If the password is correct, the screen displays ``Password Accepted``.

( Related resolution is 4123 )

CTA-ID : 4070
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