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    November 13 - 14, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

    Innovation Summit
    North America

    Focus: Healthcare Industry

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Improving hospital efficiency to deliver the best patient care is highly important to your business

This track is for industry decision makers, hospital owners and operators, managers, executives, directors, system integrators, and practitioners.

  • We'll discuss the latest in hospital technologies and how using IoT is becoming standard practice to eliminate operational inefficiencies that help reduce energy costs without impacting the quality of patient care – while improving hospital safety and staff productivity.

  • Hear about hospital construction models like the integrated project delivery (IPD) approach that factor in digital technology from the beginning of the construction process. Learn how traditional approaches for healthcare facility construction are being challenged due to complex hospital environments, stakeholder needs, and digitization.

  • Hear first-hand testimonials from our panel of industry experts including Nemours Children’s Hospital, University of Rochester, Penn Medicine, and Texas Health Resources, sharing the benefits of using our EcoStruxure™ technologies as part of their smart building management.

  • Products showcased: EcoStruxure™ Power and EcoStruxure Building IoT-ready solutions, EcoStruxure Building Advisor (Services), Access Expert Security and Security Expert software
  • Hear stories like this Nemours Children’s Hospital: Ensuring 24/7 reliability with EcoStruxure™ Power

    Nemours Children’s Hospital ensures that emergency generators restore life-saving power in 10 seconds or less, and medical teams have clean, uninterrupted power for reliability with EcoStruxure™ Power. Hear more about their story at the Summit with Bernie Rice, CIO for Nemours Children’s Hospital.

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  • Hear stories like this University of Rochester: Reliability with EcoStruxure™ Power

    In healthcare environments, down-time is not an option. With EcoStruxure™ Power, University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) delivers reliable facility power systems allowing them to identify potential issues before a failure impacts the hospital and research space. Hear Mark Schwartz, Director of Medical Center Facilities & Operations at URMC, talk about their story at the Summit.

    Learn more about EcoStruxure

    • Featured Sessions

      • EcoStruxure for Healthcare: Developing the Digital Hospital of the Future

        As our world becomes more connected, advanced technology is extending beyond patient care and into the hospital infrastructure. EcoStruxure for Healthcare leverages the IoT for improved operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety.

        Jack McCauley - VP, Strategic Customers & Segments, Schneider Electric
        Kathryn Gallagher - Clinical Liaison, Penn Medicine
        Brent Rutherford - CEM, System Engineering, Texas Health Resources
        Bernie Rice - CIO, Nemours
        Mark Schwartz - Director, Medical Center Facilities & Operations, University of Rochester

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        Your Recommended Sessions

        EcoStruxure Building: Smart Buildings for a Sustainable Future

        To meet the needs of the growing population, buildings of the Digital Economy era must become more sustainable and more efficient. EcoStruxure™ Building, our collaborative smart building IoT platform, provides solutions for more productive building management and more comfortable living spaces.

        Nate Bouma - VP, Solutions Engineering, Schneider Electric
        Mark Faber - VP, Global Partnerships, AEG

        EcoStruxure Power: Digitizing the Design, Build and Operation of Electrical Distribution

        In the Digital Economy, the way electricity is generated, distributed and consumed is rapidly changing. EcoStruxure Power digitizes and simplifies the electrical distribution system and aids in decision-making. It helps facility owners and operators protect people and assets, optimize business performance, and maximize operational efficiency, while making it easier to achieve regulatory compliance.In this session we’ll discover how digitization trends are impacting our panelist’s companies, discuss the impact of digitization on the construction and electrical systems, learn how using digitization improves operations, and address other top-of-mind issues like green buildings and cybersecurity.

        Mike Montanari - VP, Partner Projects US, Schneider Electric
        Ben Wilson - Executive VP, Decker Electric
        Barry Kaufman - Associate Principal, BR+A Consulting Engineers

        Buildings Re-Invented

        A new breed of living buildings is appearing. These buildings — which can think, sense, and adapt — will be the cornerstone of modern, sustainable cities. EcoStruxure for Buildings is making this transformation possible by enabling sustainable design and Active Energy Management.

        Laurent Bataille - Executive VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric
        Jim Sandelin - Senior VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric

        Navigating the Changing Landscape of Building Management

        Today’s facility managers are dealing with a myriad of challenges: workforce attrition including loss of institutional knowledge, increased workload, aging infrastructure, shrinking operating budgets, and more data than they can effectively analyze. EcoStruxure Building Advisor leverages automated analytics and fault detection as well as expert field service engineers and remote data scientists to convert data into predictable, actionable insights, driving occupant satisfaction, significant decreases in unscheduled maintenance and reduced energy costs.

        Justin Lavoie - VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric
        Scott Sellner - Building and Controls Engineer, University of Iowa
        Brian Aller - VP, CI3 - Control Installations of Iowa, Inc.

        Power Distribution Redefined

        For today’s digital economy, traditional power distribution systems need to evolve. EcoStruxure™ Power, Schneider Electric’s IoT-ready power distribution architecture enables our partners to connect across an open, digital ecosystem through all phases of each project, for improved CapEx and OpEx efficiency. We’ll show you how we do it...and how to get started exploring this technology (involving the three tiers of Schneider Electric products, edge control and analytics) for any type of building or manufacturing environment.

        Aamir Paul - Senior VP, US Business Operations, Schneider Electric

    • Agenda

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    You'll learn about EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare at the Summit
    featuring EcoStruxure Power and EcoStruxure Building technologies

    Gain comfort, safety, and reliability with EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare – our open, IoT-enabled architecture designed to be connected to cloud and mobile technologies – letting you improve efficiency for reduced liability and bigger patient smiles.

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    EcoStruxure is our architecture for the internet of things – our single, open, IoT-enabled system. It is a whole platform solution, and the foundational technology backbone on which Schneider Electric solutions are built and delivered.

    Two days, top highlights


      See products, demos, and take a guided tour of our Innovation Hub to explore our EcoStruxure™ IoT technologies in action, featuring: EcoStruxure Power & EcoStruxure Building solutions, EcoStruxure Building Advisor (Services), Access Expert Security and Security Expert software. Also enjoy networking and social media lounges, and our fab labs.


      See and hear our CEO, top executives, and industry thought leaders speak on the state of the digital economy, including panels with CNBC and The Wall Street Journal. Talk with and hear stories from your peers about how they are using our IoT-ready technologies and benefiting from digitization in their organizations.

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      Tuesday, November 13
      IoT: Powering the Digital Economy
      Hosted by CNBC, leaders discuss the need for a more resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable energy system in North America and how innovation can help
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      Tuesday, November 13
      Keynote Address: Powering and Digitizing the Economy
      CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire shares his views on the state of the digital economy and how it influences our future
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      Wednesday, November 14
      What’s Now and Next In Industrial Automation
      Hosted by The Wall Street Journal, leaders discuss how the industrial internet of things impacts business productivity and efficiency today
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      Hilton Atlanta Downtown is within a 15 minute walk to Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Aquarium, and the Atlanta BeltLine art installations and trails. Features include a fitness center and 4 on-site restaurants.

      255 Courtland Street NE
      Atlanta, GA 30303

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    Innovation Summit North America LIVE!

    November 13 - 14, 2018
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