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    • Innovation Summit Atlanta
      November 13-14, 2018 | Atlanta GA

      Innovation Summit
      North America Sessions

      Learn all about the 40+ sessions to customize your learning experience and build the agenda you need and want.

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      Keynotes and Panel Discussions

      See and hear our CEO, top executives, and industry thought leaders speak on the state of the digital economy.

      Keynote Address: Powering and Digitizing the Economy

      At Schneider Electric, we are leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. We are proud to work with customers and partners at the front lines of the digital revolution to ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, and at every moment. Together we are powering and digitizing life.

      Jean Pascal-Tricoire - CEO, Schneider Electric

      CNBC IoT Panel

      Hosted by CNBC, leaders discuss the latest technology trends and how they are navigating them for business growth.

      Andrew Marino - The Carlyle Group
      Bridget Coughlin - The Shedd Aquarium
      Rob Roy - Switch Communications

      Transforming New Energy Landscape

      Traditional grid infrastructure is crumbling, leaving economies vulnerable to ever-increasing damages from natural disasters, and businesses vulnerable to lost revenue due to downtime. Explore innovative business models and technologies that increase resilience to reduce your business risk — and support your sustainability goals.

      Kevin Self - Senior VP Strategy, Business Development & Government Relations, Schneider Electric
      Andrew Marino - Co-Head of the Carlyle Global Infrastructure Opportunity Fund
      Karen Morgan - CEO, Dynamic Energy Networks

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      Expert Learning Sessions

      Interactive sessions discussing the latest technology trends that drive business growth and profitability, and how to implement tomorrow’s solutions today.

      Smart Buildings for a Sustainable Future

      To meet the needs of the growing population, buildings of the Digital Economy era must become more sustainable and more efficient. EcoStruxure™ Building, our collaborative smart building IoT platform, provides solutions for more productive building management and more comfortable living spaces.

      Manish Kumar - Senior VP, Building Management, Schneider Electric
      Scott Bosarge - T-Mobile Arena

      EcoStruxure Power

      In the Digital Economy, the way electricity is generated, distributed and consumed is rapidly changing. EcoStruxure Power digitizes and simplifies the electrical distribution system and aids in decision-making. It helps facility owners and operators protect people and assets, optimize business performance, and maximize operational efficiency, while making it easier to achieve regulatory compliance.In this session we’ll discover how digitization trends are impacting our panelist’s companies, discuss the impact of digitization on the construction and electrical systems, learn how using digitization improves operations, and address other top-of-mind issues like green buildings and cybersecurity.

      Mike Montanari - VP, Partner Projects, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure IT

      The exponential growth of data, IoT, and cloud computing has created a complex IT environment. This session will explore how EcoStruxure IT is helping tackle the emerging challenges through improved infrastructure visibility, optimization, and efficiency.

      Domenic Alcaro - VP, Data Center Solutions Sales, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure Machine: How Can the New Digital Economy Unlock Your Business Opportunities?

      Machine builders and OEMs need innovative ways to design, build and maintain more efficient, cost-effective equipment, faster. With EcoStruxure Machine, they can easily realize smart, connected machines and revolutionize their business opportunities.

      Carlos Villa - VP, Industry US, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure Plant: How Do You Extend Real-time Process Control to Real-time Profitability Control?

      Driving efficient operations has never been a more demanding task. EcoStruxure Plant makes the job easier. Enabling smart control and empowering the workforce, it helps optimize the performance of operators, as well as industrial assets while measurably improving operational profitability, both safely and sustainably.

      Tim Shope - EcoStruxure Plant Domain Leader & Pre-Sales Support Director, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure for Cloud & Service Providers — Setting the Pace of the Digital Economy

      Cloud and Service providers need unique solutions to meet business demands regarding speed to market, CapEx and OpEx preservation, and risk-mitigation. Learn about solutions that enable these businesses to go far beyond simple point solutions, and require joint business strategic planning and co-innovation.

      Greg Jones - VP, Strategy Cloud & Service Providers, Schneider Electric

      Developing the Digital Hospital of the Future

      As our world becomes more connected, advanced technology is extending beyond patient care and into the hospital infrastructure. EcoStruxure for Healthcare leverages the IoT for improved operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety.

      Jack McCauley - VP, General Contractor & Segments Business Development, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure for Food & Beverage: Sustainable Efficiency Through Digitization

      Food safety concerns, consumer’s increasing demand for transparency, trust issues...these are just some of the trends and challenges facing food and beverage industries. Discover how EcoStruxure™ for Food & Beverage can help address them — you’ll also get to know how you can optimize your whole value chain thanks to digitization, from farm to fork.

      Kakali Ray - VP, End User Solution Sales, Schneider Electric

      Navigating the Changing Landscape of Building Management

      Today’s facility managers are dealing with a myriad of challenges: workforce attrition including loss of institutional knowledge, increased workload, aging infrastructure, shrinking operating budgets, and more data than they can effectively analyze. EcoStruxure Building Advisor leverages automated analytics and fault detection as well as expert field service engineers and remote data scientists to convert data into predictable, actionable insights, driving occupant satisfaction, significant decreases in unscheduled maintenance and reduced energy costs.

      Justin Lavoie - VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric

      Digital Transformation In the Water & Wastewater Industry

      Water and wastewater customers operate critical infrastructure; whose management is more and more dependent on technology. The need to improve performance combined with the digital revolution are driving an evolution towards new business models for water and wastewater utilities. Learn how Suez North America is building a Smart Water Utility by establishing an integrated framework for business applications and SCADA to transform operational information into knowledge.

      Lukas Loeffler - President, Water Wastewater Segment, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure for Hotels

      The hotel industry is undergoing radical transformation: competition is fierce, loyalty is waning, and guest expectations are increasing. EcoStruxure for Hotels incorporates the latest technologies to deliver an exceptional guest experience, along with improved operational efficiency and sustainability performance.

      To be announced

      How the Right Architecture Enables the Digital Transformation for Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

      Oil and Gas producers have relied on various process control methods and applications for more than 100 years. New philosophies, however, are required for a new age of industry, driven by the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). In this session, we will explore how EcoStruxure, our digital architecture and platform, enables our customers to develop agile business models with higher margins, capture and retain workforce knowledge, improve asset performance, and optimize production rates using real-time information.

      Rick Bilberry - VP, Oil & Gas, Schneider Electric
      Doug Kushnerick - Head of Technology Acquisition, Exxon Mobil

      EcoStruxure Cybersecurity: How Do You Capitalize on Opportunities from the IIoT While Managing Cyber Risks?

      Robust cybersecurity protection is a must, regardless of business type or industry. Learn how balancing the promise of IIoT with cyber risks requires a broader focus on people, processes as well as technology. Our experts will provide practical guidance on moving forward in the connected world.

      To be announced

      The Exponential Effect of Co-innovation

      What does digital transformation mean for organizations and customers? Schneider’s relationships with technology trailblazers and disrupters identify opportunities for new ventures and create game-changing innovation. On this panel, learn from the best in the industry on how to leverage the art of the possible and deliver exponential value to your customers.

      Herve Coureil - Executive VP & Chief Digital Officer, Schneider Electric
      Amy Francetic - Managing Director, Invenergy Future Fund
      Linda Yates - CEO & Founder, mach49
      Brian Irwin - Managing Director, Accenture
      Mike Philips - CEO & Co-Founder, Sense

      The Time to Act On Renewables Is Now

      Corporations around the world — in industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare — are using renewable energy to save money and achieve environmental goals. This demand is driving global renewables development at a rapid pace,and the price of clean technology continues to fall as availability expands. Learn how the team of clean-tech experts at Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainability Services, aided by the global NEO Network™ transaction accelerator, can help you take advantage of this buying environment and fast-track your success.

      To be announced

      So, You Think You Know Square D™

      The Square D brand promise of innovation, safety and reliability is legendary. Today our arch villains electrical surge, arc fault, and rising energy cost are still a threat, but we’re armed and ready for battle. And that new challenger, sustainability? We’re ready for him as well! Join our panel of leading home builders and contractors for a discussion about the changing new home market, what homeowners are looking for in energy monitoring and sustainability, as well as safety and security. We’ll also explore the evolving contractor labor landscape and how we’re working together to deliver innovative new technology to meet more stringent code requirements, while concurrently making our products and systems faster and easier to install.

      Richard Korthauer - VP, Retail Business Development, Schneider Electric

      Expert Services, from CapEx to OpEx

      Managing a global infrastructure portfolio of new build-outs, ongoing services, and modernization efforts is no small feat. Explore how a CapEx to OpEx program can alleviate budget constraints — and allow you to focus on your core business.

      To be announced

      Predictive Technology Will Transform Your Service Lifestyle — What’s Your Strategy?

      With the rise of IoT, more data is being turned into actionable findings that form the foundation of predictive technologies. How will your organization use these predictive technologies to transform the services lifecycle across the portfolio — from startup to maintenance and modernization? Explore what’s available now, and how a business case of a predictive maintenance program can be made for your organization’s critical equipment.

      To be announced

      Fortify Your Energy Future With Microgrids and Renewables

      The exponential growth of onsite and offsite renewable energy and IoT-enabled microgrids has accelerated energy procurement for corporations. New options allow companies to source reliable, cost-saving clean energy, as well as deploy onsite microgrid infrastructure — transforming energy into a strategic business asset. Hear real-life examples that illustrate how organizations take an active energy management approach to increase resilience, reduce risk, optimize energy, and achieve sustainability goals.

      Mark Feasal - VP, Smart Grid, Schneider Electric

      Descriptive to Predictive – Why Domain Counts

      To go from Anomaly detection to Predictive, you have to classify Anomaly. What does this anomaly in the data mean? Is it easily explained by the physics or the mode of operation, or is it an imminent failure? Only a domain expert can actually classify this anomaly effectively. Lots of analytics engines (IBM / GE / Google, etc.) will infer an outcome from a statistical sample. Sometimes this is enough. In most cases it’s not. Let’s bring our people on this journey. We need data scientist, yes — but we need engineering veterans to explain what going on and embed that knowledge.

      Luke Durcan - Director, Schneider Electric

      Life On the Edge: Experience Edge Computing In Action

      A proper edge solution that ensures visibility to your IT systems is crucial for making good business decisions. Learn what it takes to create an effective edge solution from someone who’s been there — hear about their real-life edge deployment, and how EcoStruxure™ keeps them connected to their critical environments.

      Wendi Runyon - VP, Strategy IT Division, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure IT for Channel Partners

      The needs of the IT department have evolved to needing specific solutions for critical business applications in an ever more complex digital business world. Therefore, EcoStruxure IT is the IT Channel partner’s critical power and cooling solution for a business focused on providing value-added services and recurring revenue streams. In this session, IT Channel partners will uncover the solutions set afforded by EcoStruxure IT.

      Katie Boeh - Director, IT Channels Marketing, Schneider Electric

      Escape Room — Data Center 2020

      Feeling trapped by the last five years of evolving tech and regulations? Modernize your data center, and escape to the year 2020! Visit our version of an escape room — gain the knowledge you need to remain agile and avoid the pitfalls of your current environment, while learning about the latest innovations used by the best "escape artists".

      Tony Despirito - VP, Strategy IT Division, Schneider Electric

      Driverless Cars and the Crucial Need for Faster Data

      The digital economy reveals a new paradigm for day-to-day living. Driverless cars, once science fiction, are now a reality and need to be supported by faster and more reliable data networks. Our experts describe the data center and IT architectures that are being built out as we seek to be the backbone of this new digital reality.

      Joe Reele - VP, Solution Architects, Schneider Electric

      Schneider Electric Exchange: Accelerate Your Digital Strategy

      Successful companies must be agile, flexible, and responsive to customer needs in today’s digital economy, and IoT-driven digital innovation enables this digital transformation. Learn how Schneider Electric Exchange brings together all stakeholders — from startups to partners to end-users — invested in accelerating a digital strategy, and orchestrates the abilities of all these contributors to seize maximum value from digital breakthroughs and co-innovation.

      To be announced

      The Value of Consistent Asset Models

      Asset models are everywhere — duplicated, difficult to maintain, and overlapping — mainly on-premises. Over the operational lifetime of an asset, this model will continually change, evolve, and grow. As the number of connected devices grows out current processes, to maintain these models will be unsustainable. We need to think about how to converge our current systems and processes to establish one source of truth. And maintain it. Focus on practical steps now! Eventually these asset models will drive predictive models, Machine Learning (ML), and Digital Twin. Start the journey towards performant analytics and Digital Twin.

      Andy Bane - CEO, Element Analytics

      Find Your EcoStruxure Advisor

      When it comes to maintaining and leveraging your IIoT investments, having a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) at each facility can be unrealistic and costly. That’s where our EcoStruxure™ Advisors can help augment your staff on the ground with access to Schneider Electric’s SMEs. Learn how they use analytics to help you with problem solving and continuous commissioning of your assets and systems to better manage OpEx and risk.

      To be announced

      Recognizing the Power of Electricity In IIoT Solutions

      IIoT depends upon reliable, resilient, and quality electric energy to power the machines, operating systems, communications, and IT. Without electricity there is no digital era. Electricity is a foundational component in designing IIoT solutions both from a power and data perspective. Discover the untapped efficiencies that can be gained when you realize the electricity network isn’t simply a means to distribute electricity — but a vehicle to get data about the equipment it powers.

      To be announced

      Simplifying Compliance In Critical Environments Through Innovation

      When it comes to critical power, regulation and code requirements are becoming more specific and costly, driven mainly by natural or man-made disasters that impact operations. With IoT-driven technologies, there are systems and solutions that can ease the burden of compliance. Explore how you can meet compliance challenges and prevent issues before the next disaster.

      Matt Schneider - Global Product Management, ASCO Power Technologies

      Data Centers & Advanced Microgrids: The Perfect Match

      Data centers have long subscribed to the mantra of up-time at any cost. Now, advanced microgrid solutions make it possible to meet up-time goals at reduced economic and environmental costs. See why data centers are taking a closer look at advanced microgrids to gain resilience, reduce risk, optimize energy costs, and increase sustainability.

      Andy Haun - Chief Technology Officer, Microgrids, Schneider Electric
      Peter Asmus - Principal Research Analyst, Navigant Research

      Microgrid Technologies: Innovation for the Greater Good

      The Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve in Wisconsin may be hidden in the woods, but it stands out on the global microgrid map as an energy innovator and educator. As partners, Schneider Electric and Faith Technologies have produced one of the world’s most sophisticated microgrids to serve as a learning lab for the nature preserve — and the world. Explore how the site’s innovative technologies and new, flexible business models demonstrate how the business community and future generations can make better, more sustainable choices in energy.

      Andy Haun - Chief Technology Officer, Microgrids, Schneider Electric
      Charlie Frederickson - VP, Investments, Faith Technologies

      Microgrids: Weather Any Storm

      In 2017, there were 16 billion-dollar disasters that together cost the United States a record $300 billion. While natural disasters are unpredictable, your energy security doesn’t have to be. Learn how Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California is taking control of its energy future with an advanced microgrid solution to protect mission-critical facilities against extreme weather, cyber attacks, and grid instability.
      Gregg Morasca - VP, Strategic Customers, Schneider Electric

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      Strategy Talks

      Schneider Electric business leaders share how we are leading the IoT journey together through the lens of our customers.

      Power Distribution Redefined

      For today’s digital economy, traditional power distribution systems need to evolve. EcoStruxure™ Power, Schneider Electric’s IoT-ready power distribution architecture enables our partners to connect across an open, digital ecosystem through all phases of each project, for improved CapEx and OpEx efficiency. We’ll show you how we do it...and how to get started exploring this technology (involving the three tiers of Schneider Electric products, edge control and analytics) for any type of building or manufacturing environment.

      Aamir Paul - Senior VP, US Business Operations, Schneider Electric

      Intuitive Industries – Digitized!

      How can you become a part of the industrial internet of things and drive the digital transformation of your industry? Hear from our experts on the easy way to get started on your digital journey, where the biggest benefits have been seen by some of our customers already, and how to take advantage of the larger ecosystem of technology partners and domain experts to drive value.

      Peter Herweck - Executive VP, Global Industry Business, Schneider Electric

      Data Centers: In the Cloud and At the Edge

      Businesses are undergoing a digital transformation to get ahead in the digital economy. EcoStruxure IT is helping them tackle complex IT and data center environments with cloud-based management systems, big data analytics, mobile insights, and optimized operations.

      Dave Johnson - Executive VP, Global IT Division, Schneider Electric

      Buildings Re-Invented

      A new breed of living buildings is appearing. These buildings — which can think, sense, and adapt — will be the cornerstone of modern, sustainable cities. EcoStruxure for Buildings is making this transformation possible by enabling sustainable design and Active Energy Management.

      Laurent Bataille - Executive VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric
      Jim Sandelin - Senior VP, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric

      Digital Grid Unleashed

      Decentralized and decarbonized energy sources are on the rise. Combine these with digitization and IoT, and you have all the ingredients for revolutionary change. Discover how you can become a leader in the new energy landscape and take advantage of localized access to secure, flexible, and controllable power.

      Juan Macias - Senior VP, Energy, Schneider Electric
      Gregg Morasca - VP Strategic Customers, Schneider Electric

      Active Energy Management

      The global energy landscape is undergoing profound disruption. Companies need to be more efficient and competitive but at the same time they are required to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Active Energy Management is the key enabler to solving this paradox.

      Steve Wilhite - Senior VP, Energy & Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric

      What’s Behind Your Walls?

      The way we look at the way we use and monitor energy in our homes is on verge of major change. In fact, in some European countries, energy usage standards have been established and homeowners are being asked to comply...and the U.S. may not be far behind. What can you do to have an impact in your own home? Schneider Electric’s innovations in these areas may surprise you.

      Manish Pant - Executive VP, Retail Division, Schneider Electric

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      Business Meetings

      Round table style sessions where you discuss the trends affecting your business with key players in your industry.

      EcoStruxure™ for Cloud & Service Providers

      Cloud and Service providers are presented with unique challenges in developing the architecture of the future. Our invitation-only Advisory Council is designed to bring together those who are building the future of data centers to discuss a co-innovation roadmap. Schneider Electric’s CTO office will present three new concepts in development and then leave the room — giving you the freedom to tell us what you really think. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to help shape the data centers of the future.

      Jay Owen - Senior VP, IT Division, Schneider Electric

      EcoStruxure for Data Centers

      Our Advisory Council is composed of key influencers and data center decision-makers who are in a unique position to provide real-life feedback on offer roadmaps to make lives easier. Schneider Electric’s CTO office will present three new concepts in development and then leave the room — giving you the freedom to tell us what you really think. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to help shape the data centers of the future.

      Domenic Alcaro - VP, Data Center Solutions, Schneider Electric
      Tony Despirito - VP, Data Center Operations Services, Schneider Electric

      IT Channels Special Session — Partnering for the Future of Edge Computing

      In the world of edge computing, providing dependable, 24/7 service is a requirement for success. True IT Channel partners effectively advance edge computing for their clients — introducing new revenue streams while providing an enduring partnership. In this how-to session, discover real examples from experienced professionals who share the keys to creating a sustainable, managed service provider business model.

      Shannon Sbar - VP, IT Division, Schneider Electric
      Katie Boeh - Director, IT Division, Schneider Electric

    • 2018 Schneider Electric Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
      Keynote Address CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire shares his views on the state of the digital economy and how it influences our future
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      CNBC IoT Panel Hosted by CNBC, leaders discuss the latest technology trends and how they are navigating them for business growth
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      Breakout Sessions Schneider Electric pros and industry-leading customers discuss the trends and challenges affecting your business

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