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What is the catalog number for a Kirk Key Lock plus provisions for the Masterpact NW breaker?

Selection of key interlock provisions for the Masterpact NW circuit breaker.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW circuit breakers sold and supported in the USA.

Procedure to select the correct provisions for a Kirk key interlock on a Masterpact circuit breaker.

S48923 is one Kirk Key Lock for cradle locking
S48924 is two Kirk Key Locks for cradle locking
S48945 is one Kirk Key Lock for circuit breaker locking
S48946 is two Kirk Key Locks for circuit breaker locking

A lock order form must be submitted with the order. See 0613PL0001 for this order form. 

Link to catalog:


CTA-ID : 2023572
FA113119  |  03-Mar-2015  | Product Features
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