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How does a two pole GFI breaker work?

The GFCI sensor in a two-pole QWIK-GARD circuit breaker continuously monitors the current flow in the two ungrounded ``hot`` load conductors and the neutral conductor. The sensor compares the current flow in all directions. In two-pole applications, the current flows out to the load on the ``hot`` load conductors and back to the source on the neutral load conductor or one of the ``hot`` load conductors. If the current flowing back to the source is less than the current flowing out to the load, a ground fault exists. When the difference in current flow exceeds 6 milliamperes, the sensor sends a signal to the solid state circuitry which activates the ground-trip solenoid mechanism and trips the circuit breaker. The trip will be indicated by the VISI-TRIP indicator and the operating handle will move to the center tripped position.

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