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What D-Line contactors will the LAD6K10*, LA6DK10* or LA6DK20* fit?
(* Represents Required Voltage Code)

As outlined below: (* Represents Required Voltage Code)

LC1D40, LC1D50 and LC1D65 3-pole ac or dc controlled contactors.
LC1D65004 and LC1D65008 4-pole ac controlled contactors.
LP1D65004 and LP1D65008 4-pole contactors.

LC1D80, LC1D95, LC1D115 and LC1D150 3-pole ac controlled contactors.
LC1D80, LC1D95 and LC1D115 3-pole dc controlled contactors.
LP1D80004, LP1D80008 and LC1D115004 4-pole dc controlled contactors.

LC1D09, LC1D12, LC1D18, LC1D25, LC1D32 and LC1D38 ac and dc controlled contactors.
LC1DT20, LC1DT25, LC1DT32 and LC1DT40 ac or dc controlled contactors.

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