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Why does the Altivar 31 show a code of nSt even though there are no assignments in any of the parameters for a freewheel stop activation?

There are a few possible causes:

With the factory configuration, when the drive controller is powered up after a manual fault reset or a stop command, the forward, reverse, and DC injection stop commands must be reset for the drive controller to start. If they are not reset, the drive controller will display nSt and will not start. If automatic restart is configured the reset is not necessary.

If the reference channel or the control channel is assigned to Modbus or CANopen, the drive controller displays nSt on power up and remains stopped until the communication bus sends a command.

The 05/2004 versions of the ATV31 programming manuals omit the following information:
If a directional run command (forward or reverse) is present on power up of the drive and the drive is set for 2C (2-wire) with trn transition control or 3C (3-wire) control, the drive will show nSt indicating that it will not run. The drive will run if the run command is cycled if there is a valid speed reference given.

To make adjustments to the drive parameters, see the Altivar 31 Programming manual VVDED303042NA or VVDED303042US

Reviewed 6/2011

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