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                        Momentum Seriplex Interface Concept 2.2 Software Updates


                        This replaces the MSPX Derived Function Block (DFB) provided for Concept 2.1. 2) An updated TSPX bit-swapping utility EFB, now compatible with Version 2.2 of Concept Software.

                        MSPX EFB

                        The MSPX EFB is a programming instruction block which can be incorporated into a Momentum M1 processor's IEC ladder logic program, for easier configuration and monitoring of the Seriplex base unit. Using the MSPX EFB with Concept 2.2 software is identical to using the MSPX DFB for Concept 2.1 software, as described on Page 54 of the Momentum-Seriplex Interface Base Unit manual (Doc. No. 30298-086-01_), WITH THE FOLLWING EXCEPTIONS:

                        • When the option appears during FFB selection, select "Library" instead of "DFB".
                        • The EFB's StatReg input represents a numeric offset from 300000, rather than an actual register address. For example, if the actual Status Register address is 300033, the StatReg input value should be 33.

                        TSPX EFB

                        The TSPX "bit-swapping" EFB is a user-loadable Concept 2.2 program element designed to reverse the bit order of a Momentum Seriplex Interface's I/O data registers. This bit-swapping allows a direct correspondence between the SERIPLEX bus signal addresses, and Modicon digital input and output bit addresses. Without this bit-swapping, a complex calculation is required to translate between SERIPLEX addresses and Modicon digital addresses.


                        The MSPX and TSPX EFB's for Concept 2.2 are provided within an executable installation program named "Seriplex_C22.exe". Copy this file to a temporary location on your hard disk, such as c:\temp. Then run the file (within Windows, select Start, the Run, and then enter or select the filename).

                        The setup program will prompt you to designate the Concept software sub-directory in which to install the Seriplex files. Normally this directory will be c:\Concept\Lib. Once you confirm this, the setup program will copy the MSPX and TSPX files into their proper locations, create any necessary sub-directories, and delete files as appropriate after first prompting for your permission.

                        The setup program will also copy a "Readme" file (SpxEFBlib_C22.txt) into the destination directory (c:\Concept\Lib). The setup program offers you the opportunity to view the Readme file at the end of the installation process.

                        When the installation process is complete, click on the "Finish" button to exit the setup program. The MSPX and TSPX EFB's will then be ready for use, as described in the Readme file.