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                        Momentum Seriplex Bit-Swap Utilities


                        The TSPX "bit-swapping" instructions are user-loadable Concept and Modsoft program elements designed to reverse the bit order of a Momentum Seriplex Interface's I/O data registers. This bit-swapping allows a direct correspondence between the SERIPLEX bus signal addresses, and Modicon digital input and output bit addresses. Without this bit-swapping, a complex calculation is required to translate between SERIPLEX addresses and Modicon digital addresses.

                        The TSPX bit-swapping instructions are provided as a self-extracting executable file named "TSPX.exe". Right-click on the link below, and then select "Save target as..." to save this file to a temporary location on your hard disk, such as c:\temp. Then run the file (within Windows, select Start, the Run, and then enter or select the filename).

                        The TSPX.exe program will prompt you to select a temporary directory, where it will unpack and install the "Readme.txt" file along with two sub-directories named "984" and "Seriplex". Open the Readme.txt file for complete instructions on how to complete installation and use the bit-swap utilities.