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                        LTU (Local Test Utility) Software for UTA Tester


                        The UTA Tester supports testing of electronic trip units in Powerpact® H/J/L Circuit Breakers.

                        Download the LTU software
                        > micrologic ltu rev 5.0.0 setup.exe

                        Download the RSU software
                         > Micrologic RSU setup.exe 


                        System Requirement:

                        The UTA tester operates in one of two modes:

                        • In standalone mode (not connected to a computer), the UTA tester connects to the test port on the Micrologic trip unit and can be used to perform:

                        — Tripping tests
                        — The inhibit functions required for tripping tests by primary current injection

                        • In online mode (connected to a computer with USB or Bluetooth) with LTU (Local Test Utility) and RSU (Remote Setting Utility) software, the UTA tester can be used to:

                        — Set the protection parameters (RSU)
                        — Display the protection parameters (RSU and LTU)
                        — Set the alarm parameters (RSU)
                        — Display the alarm parameters (RSU and LTU)
                        — Display the settings curves (RSU and LTU)
                        — Simulate alarms and tripping on the PowerPact H-, J-, or L-frame circuit breaker (LTU)
                        — Check discrimination and the ZSI (Zone Selective Interlocking) function (LTU)
                        — Store all the operating data and maintenance tests in a file dedicated to each PowerPact H-, J-, or L-frame circuit breaker (LTU)
                        — Set the Modbus interface module communication parameters (RSU)
                        — Update the firmware in the IMU modules (RSU)
                        — Reset passwords associated with the IMU (RSU)

                        NOTE: The LTU software only works with a connection to the test port on the Micrologic trip unit. The RSU software works with both types of connection. For more information about the RSU and LTU software, refer to the RSU and LTU Online Helps.