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                        HarmCalc Manager Software Version 4.4.0


                        Schneider Electric is pleased to provide you with the latest release of HarmCalc™ Manager Software, one of the most powerful and practical simulation tools in the industry for running harmonic analysis for adjustable speed drives. This software release is optimized for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows7.


                        NEW UPDATED SOFTWARE!

                        Version 4.4.0 includes support for the Altivar process (ATV630 and ATV930) products.

                        Software program robust features:

                        • Harmonic Distortion Analysis, evaluation to IEEE Std 519 guidelines
                        • Clickable One-Line diagram
                        • Utility and Emergency Standby Generator Supply modeling
                        • PCC, PCC1 and PCC2 evaluations - transformer primary and secondary
                        • Multiple Drive simulations supporting up to 1000 drives
                        • Additional linear load modeling capability
                        • Alternative harmonic mitigation methods for modeling any of the following topologies
                          - Line Reactor or Drive Isolation Transformer
                          - Phase shifting techniques - Delta/Delta or Delta/Wye
                          - BroadBand suppressor/filter
                          - Multi-pulse simulations
                        • Table, Harmonic bar chart or graphical display of input current characterization
                        • Ability to copy drive profiles without having to select each one individually
                        • Enhanced Report capability; can also be copied to clipboard for formal reports
                        • Comparative display levels to IEEE Std 519 limits with or without out report printout
                        • Help file with self-help tutorial on use and terminology
                        • Exporting capability to Electrotek's SuperHarm and TOP programs, and Excel spreadsheet

                        These enhancements will provide you with an estimating tool to meet the needs and requirements of our sales force and customers when evaluating adjustable speed drives to IEEE Std 519 guidelines. Download the attached file and run the setup configuration.