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                        Full-function Test Kit Firmware rev. 1.10


                        The Full-function Test Kit (FFTK) supports testing of a wide variety of trip units in Masterpact® NW/NT, Powerpact® and Compact® circuit breakers.

                        A new firmware rev 1.10 is now available and can be downloaded via your PC onto the FFTK. Summary of changes from the previous firmware rev. 1.00 is as follows:

                        • Allows testing of ET 1.0 trip unit in Powerpact M circuit breaker
                        • Includes Screen Calibrator software
                        • Corrects German translation


                        System Requirement:

                        • PC IBM compatible with RS232 serial port
                        • RS232 cable (not supplied)
                        • Windows 2000 or XP
                        • Pentium processor (recommended 1gHz minimum)
                        • 128 MB RAM (memory) minimum
                        • 1M hard disk space

                        Note: Access to the FFTK Firmware download page requires Registration including FFTK Serial Number. The FFTK 11-digit Serial Number is located above the Barcode on the FFTK faceplate (see illustration below).