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                        Buck & Boost Transformer Calculator


                        Buck & Boost Transformer Calculator for Palm OS


                        1. Download the zip file. 
                          (Note: Minimum requirements for Palm - 4 Meg Memory Capacity and Palm OS Software Version 3.5 or later.)
                        2. Extract all files in the zip file.
                        3. Install the Adobe Acrobat for Palm OS to your hard drive from the following link:  Adobe Acrobat for Palm OS Download 
                        4. Install all the extracted .prc and .pdb files and sync to your Palm OS device.
                        5. Using the Acrobat for Palm shortcut on your desktop, click "Add PDF to Transfer List."
                        6. Next, add the extracted BuckBoostWiringDiagrams.pdf file.
                        7. Check "Keep Images in Full Size."
                        8. Hotsync your device.

                        Buck and Boost Transformer Calculator for Windows CE Devices

                        Download the zip file you need for your handheld device.

                        To identify the one you need, please check the user manual that came with your device.