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                          Create your own approval drawing and operation and maintenance packages


                          This website will help you to create your own approval drawing and O&M packages that look just like the ones you receive from Square D/Schneider Electric.  This page will provide you with the basic contents required.  Also provided are quick links to CAD drawings, product information, and other tools which are essential in preparing a professional and complete package.


                            START HERE:

                            Although the sections below will guide you through the process of building your package, we recommend having a printed sheet of the steps with you as you go. Open PDF... 

                            Step 1 - COVER PAGE:

                            In this step you will create the cover page of package using a Microsoft® Excel® template. The layout of the page can be easily altered, so please use caution when making changes.
                            Create Cover... Tip! Save a copy of the file before you print. Personalize Your Cover Page: Remove the “NDC” (Schneider Electric National Drawing Center) logo in the top left corner and replace with your own company logo.

                            Step 2 - APPROVAL DRAWING LETTER:

                            This letter is standard in all Schneider Electric Approval Drawing Packages. Open Letter... Tip! Save a copy of the Microsoft® Word® letter so you can personalize with your business name.

                            Step 3 - EXCEPTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS:

                            If your package has any exceptions or clarifications that need to be noted, use this Microsoft® Word® template Open Template... 

                            Step 4 - TABLE OF CONTENTS:

                            In this step you will create the Table of Contents of your package using a Word® template. The Table of Contents template has a sample listing of various products to get you started. Just delete text and manipulate to suit your package. Create TOC...

                            Step 5 - BILL OF MATERIALS:

                            Print a copy of your Bill of Material (BOM) and insert into the package.

                            Step 6 - SCHEDULES:

                            In instances where it’s to your benefit to create a schedule of items rather than using a full BOM, we have created pre-formatted Excel® templates to use. Just fill in the appropriate information from your BOM.

                            Step 7 - LITERATURE:

                            This section gives you convenient access to the component brochures, catalogs and manuals most commonly used for packages. When you click the button below, a PDF file will open and a list of major components will appear. Under each is a list of the most commonly used literature for that component. Click web address to the right to go to the download screen for that piece of literature. View Literature List. If there is an item that you need literature for and do not see it listed on the PDF we have provided, we have also included a button to take you to the main page of the Tech Library search engine.

                            CAD DRAWINGS:

                            Here is a link to the CAD drawing search engine Visit the CAD Library...

                            ON-LINE DIGEST:

                            If you need access to the on-line digest for additional information, here's a link to get you there.

                            Visit Online Catalog... 


                            The National Drawing Center uses Adobe 7.0 Professional to compile packages. It is not required to have Adobe Professional to compile your package, but you will at least need to have the free Adobe Reader to open and print some of the files above. Get Adobe Reader.