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                        Clones Definition


                        The following terms do not define a counterfeit product, but may define a product that could be of concern for similar reasons:

                        Clone – a product that is a close copy of a product, but is not represented as a product manufactured by the original manufacturer.  These products bear the name or trademark or the original manufacturer, but are typically represented as “equivalent” to the original products.  These products may be infringing on SE intellectual property.

                        Remanufactured/Reconditioned/Refurbished – a product that originated as a legitimate product, but has since been altered or remanufactured by another entity.  These products may be represented to customers as original products and they may retain the original label/trademark giving the customer the impression that they are unmodified originals.  There are instances where remanufacturers have counterfeited labeling to make the product appear as new

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