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Codes and Standards


              Codes and Standards: Our Commitment


              At Schneider Electric, we recognize that our customers have an array of codes, standards and regulations that impact their safety, energy efficiency and day-to-day business operations. Because our products and services are designed to help you meet the challenges often posed by these regulations, we have a team of professionals that work each and every day in the codes and standards arena to understand what is changing and how those changes will impact you, our customer.


                Dedication to Electrical Safety

                Electrical safety of people and property is a Schneider Electric priority. Our products and services help you make the most of your electrical energy and helps you do so in an electrically safe manner. Our ongoing commitment to participating in and advancing documents such as the National Electrical Code for electrical installations and UL standards for product safety are just a couple of examples of commitment to electrical safety.

                In addition, we are a founding member of the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and a Platinum Sponsor of the IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project.

                Solutions for customers by effectively using codes and standards

                Our experts have produced numerous technical papers and bulletins that will help you better understand the codes and standards system as well as many of the technical requirements of codes and standards. We work within the codes and standards system to make sure that those new technologies and new approaches to resolving your energy needs are properly addressed in the codes and standards.

                Professional resources to help answer your questions and resolve issues

                Unlike many other industry participants, we have industry professionals focused on codes and standards as their primary job function. This provides our customers with access to a group of knowledgeable professionals that know what the key issues in codes and standards are currently and what is coming in the future.

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