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StruxureWare for Water


Control, operate, and optimize your water and wastewater infrastructure from field to enterprise


StruxureWare for Water provides full visibility into the complete water supply, collection, and treatment system while delivering process control and energy efficiency from field to enterprise. Utilities can reach operational excellence across the full water cycle while reducing energy consumption and total cost of ownership.



  • Supply cleaner water via aged infrastructures without increasing costs
  • Balance reduced government spending on infrastructure investment with increased regulation
  • Control energy impact on environmental and financial performance
  • Manage the water scarcity linked to growing urbanization and climate changes




  • Increase operational efficiency by up to 25%
  • Reduce  energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Reduce  total cost of ownership by up to 20%



Enterprise efficiency, delivered


Only Schneider Electric offers best-in-class software and hardware combined with unparalleled support and services to improve operational performance and optimize energy efficiency and process control across your entire enterprise. Open standards ensure interoperability; scalable solutions enhance flexibility; and real-time access to enterprise-wide data improves decision-making and outcomes. Achieve new levels of visibility and control, and manage your water cycle like never before.

StruxureWare for Water Software Suite: Control, Optimize, Conserve




Smart Water Networks


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Applications in this suite

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